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Orthodontic treatment is a medical treatment and, just like any other medical treatment, you want to have it done right the first time. Although it may seem that most orthodontic offices are identical we hope you will take the time to investigate what goes on behind the scenes.

We at Levens Orthodontics feel that taking the time to be sure your questions are answered and that you are confident in your treatment choice is just the first step in making you comfortable. Your comfort continues to be a top priority during your treatment. But we know that getting your treatment done in the best manner possible the first time is our #1 job and we work hard to do it in a way that makes us #1 with you.

For instance, Dr. Levens believes strongly in providing all of the essential parts of the treatment himself. Although our assistants are extremely knowledgeable and capable, Dr. Levens will always make the diagnosis and plan the treatment, place all of the braces, bend all of the wires and spend extra time with you. Although many orthodontists delegate much of the treatment to their assistants, Dr. Levens' treatment philosophy has always been, "If I am laying on the bed waiting for my surgery, I want to look up and see the surgeon with the knife in his hand, not the nurse". Having the orthodontist deliver the essential parts of your treatment means you have the most knowledgeable and experienced person providing your treatment and, after all, isn't this what you want?

At Levens Orthodontics we almost never use traditional metal bands around the teeth. Instead, Dr. Levens will bond brackets to the surfaces of all of the teeth. Even though there are easier ways for us to place the braces we find that bonding them allows us to place them in the most exacting positions on the teeth and allows more thorough oral hygiene and better comfort for our patients. We no longer need to use separators or spacers to make room for the banded braces because we don't use banded braces.

We also place braces on all of the permanent teeth including the second molars! These are the very back molars except for the third molars or "wisdom teeth". Orthodontic studies have shown repeatedly the importance of including the permanent second molars in treatment because of the negative impact untreated second molars can have on jaw function and treatment results. We are one of the very few offices in the area that includes the second molars in the treatment. If you are wondering why most orthodontists don't treat the second molars it is because of the difficulty and time involved. Treating second molars means hard work because the second molars are in the very back of the mouth and very inaccessible for placing braces.

Dr. Levens follows orthodontic research and advances carefully and tailors his recommendations to the treatment choices that have consistently gotten the best results in clinical trials and in his practice experience. Orthodontic research studies have proven that there is no great value in treating younger patients with partial braces or a retainer when they still have many of their baby teeth and then treating them a second time when the remainder of the permanent teeth have erupted (approximately age 11 years old) unless there are severe deformities or other extenuating circumstances. This type of plan may make the upper front teeth look a little better for a short time but it rarely, if ever, allows the patient to go without a second phase of full braces or diminishes the time that they will have braces during the second phase of treatment.

While it is important to begin monitoring the patient's dental development early on, Dr. Levens is very conservative about recommending any orthodontic treatment for baby teeth. Unless he feels strongly that a younger child's dental condition is traumatizing and endangering the future of their dental health or if the child has self-esteem issues and is self-conscious of their teeth, we will not recommend two separate phases of treatment.

Also, since there are fees charged for both phases and the second phase is generally the same fee as it would be without a first phase, families may pay almost twice as much for two phases of treatment. We appreciate the investment of both time and money that orthodontic treatment represents for our patients and we want to insure both are well spent.

Those are just some of the differences in treatment and philosophy at Levens Orthodontics. And then there are the little differences that you can only experience for yourself. We invite you to get to know Dr. Levens and the staff at Levens Orthodontics. You'll see the difference that care, skill and judgment really make .

10 Reasons to Choose Levens Orthodontics
10. Beautiful choices. Dr. Levens offers invisible braces, even braces placed on the back of your teeth!
9. Technology. At Levens Orthodontics, technology does everything from enhancing your treatment and your comfort to giving you 24/7 access to your appointment and account info by using a secure password at
8. On Time appointments. You are seldom kept waiting.
7. Flexibility. They offer appointments early mornings, late afternoons and Saturdays.
6. More flexibility. They also offer in-house financing with no interest.
5. Personalization. Dr. Larry Levens always customizes his treatment recommendations just for you with equal emphasis on beauty and function for the best of both worlds.
4. Expertise. At Levens Orthodontics all of the staff are highly trained, but the most important aspects of your treatment, like the placement of braces, are performed only by Dr. Levens.
3. Time. Dr. Larry Levens always takes time for his patients, to answer questions, listen to concerns or just to chat.
2. Fun. The staff is not only highly trained, they're also fun and friendly.
1. At Levens Orthodontics Art, Technology and Comfort combine to create a place where you feel at home and your smile becomes a work of art.

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