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When you arrive at Levens Orthodontics you can expect to see one or more of our smiling team members. We can all help you with questions about appointments, insurance, or your account.

Our team will be immediately aware that you have arrived and are ready to be seated in the treatment area when you sign in to our computer. Just type in your last name and confirm your name and appointment time. Our assistants will call your name as soon as possible. Your time is valuable so we pride ourselves on staying on schedule and this is one of the ways we accomplish that goal.

If you didn't have a chance to brush your teeth before you arrived you can come on back to our brushing station. We have disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste for you to use and you can get your pearly whites polished up before your appointment begins.

You can also check out our most recent winners of the Brushing Contest on the bulletin board right above the brushing station. We know that keeping your teeth clean and healthy while you are wearing braces can be a little extra challenging so we reward the patients who make the extra effort. Dr. Levens and our clinical team will show you some tricks for keeping your mouth healthy while you are wearing braces and they will give you feedback at each appointment about how well you are doing. If you are doing a great job of brushing between appointments, have not had any broken brackets, and have not missed any appointments, you will get to enter our drawing for great prizes. We draw three names each month and post our winners pictures on the bulletin board at our brushing station and on our web site. If you win you will get to choose a gift certificate from places such as AMC Movie Theaters, Borders, Best Buy or Starbucks.

If this is your first visit to Levens Orthodontics you will be seated in our consultation room, where you will be meeting with Dr. Levens for a complimentary consultation to evaluate your orthodontic needs. Your assistant will take digital photos that will aid in determining and discussing your orthodontic needs. Dr. Levens will explain his observations and his initial recommendations. You can then choose to proceed with complete orthodontic records if Dr. Levens has recommended treatment. We have seating for any family members that you would like to be part of your decision about your orthodontic treatment, and they are welcome to join you to discuss the benefits of your treatment. All of the materials are available for you to take home or view via the internet through a special password-protected account we can set up for you.

We also use this room for orthodontic records that provide Dr. Levens with the diagnostic information he will need to achieve your ideal results; radiographs(x-rays) and impressions of your teeth for study models. Your diagnostic records are scanned into our computer system so that Dr. Levens will have instant access to this data during the course of your treatment. Pix of Orthocad - Even your study models are duplicated in the computer using a system called OrthoCAD. This high-tech process allows Dr. Levens to complete your treatment virtually on the model to ensure that the course of treatment he selects will achieve the best results possible.

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